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American River Parkway Foundation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is the Parkway governed? The Parkway is governed by the Parkway Plan. This plan dictates the uses along the Parkway including funding disbursement, building restrictions, etc.

American River Parkway Foundation Mission 2. Who handles the maintenance along the Parkway? Sacramento County Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the maintenance along the Parkway. This includes:

a. Ranger Patrol

b. Restroom maintenance

c. Cleanups

d. Bike trail maintenance

e. Equestrian trail maintenance

f. Parking lots, kiosk maintenance

g. Park maintenance

(with the exception of Hagen Park)

3. How does the County raise money for the Parks Department?

a. The Golf courses and their programs

b. Parks Passport Program

c. Measure A transportation money

The easiest way to volunteer is to log onto our website at Volunteer and submit a volunteer application online. You are then placed on our email list and will receive opportunities throughout the year. You can also call the ARPF office at 916-486-2773.

5. If I see something suspicious who do I contact? 916-875-PARK

6. Why are the Oak Groves planted? As many of the oak woodlands along the Parkway are no longer growing it is important-- if we are to keep the canopy of the Parkway-- to replace these decaying trees. It is the Foundation's responsibility to have 1200 trees by 2010 planted and maintained along the Parkway. For information on the Oak Mitigation Project and how this program is funded: Oak Program. For information on how we maintain these planted oaks: Oak Grove Steward.

7. How many miles is the Parkway? The Parkway extends 23 miles on each side of the river from the confluence at Discovery to Hazel Avenue - 46 miles in all.

Dianna Poggetto, Executive Director ARPF

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