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American River Parkway Native Plant Garden

American River Parkway Native Plant Garden

The native plant demonstration garden runs adjacent to the American River Parkway Foundation office, better known as the "Streng Volunteer Center," located at 5700 Arden Way in Carmichael, CA within William B. Pond Park.

In 2007 with the help of Sacramento Suburban Water District and Carmichael Water District, the American River Parkway Foundation created the native plant demonstration garden. This garden consists of plants all native to the American River Parkway and the greater Sacramento Region with a strong emphasis on water conservation.

Interactive Garden Map

Garden photos


Why Have a Demonstration Garden?

A native plant garden not only conserves water it promotes the beauty of our natural ecosystem. Many of the plants native to the Sacramento region are adapted to long periods of drought, with little water and intense heat.

Benefits of Native Plants Gardens in our area:

  • - Reduce water consumption in residential areas and decreases utility costs.
  • - Support the native wildlife of our region.
  • - Reduce water withdrawals from the American River watershed.
  • - Promote the beauty of native California plants
  • - Reduce the cost and time it takes to replant and maintain traditional gardens
  • - Limit the amount of non-native plants within the Sacramento Area
  • - Reduce the amount of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides used in traditional landscaping

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