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Saturday, January 21 | 9am-12pm | RSVP
Habitat Restoration @ Sacramento Bar
Saturday, February 4 | 9am-12pm | RSVP
River Cleanup @ Northgate Blvd Access
Trucks and/or trailers needed!
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Sustainable Saturdays are back!
Join us on the first and third Saturdays of every month for volunteer events at various locations along the American River Parkway. We will host cleanups on the first Saturdays and habitat restoration events on the third Saturdays.* Questions? Email us!
*Some months will be adjusted for special events and holidays.

Pictured: Volunteers at a Sustainable Saturday cleanup event at Paradise Beach.

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2017, we want to take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of our volunteers and staff in 2016. Even as numbers are still coming in, 2016 saw more than 7,643 volunteers contribute 18,000+ hours to removing over 57,747 pounds of trash and 81,650 invasive plants, maintaining 23 miles of trails, and much more. We can't wait to see what 2017 brings!

As numbers from our volunteer stewards continue to come in, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

To close out 2016, 106 volunteers spent 267 hours helping the Parkway Foundation remove more than 945.5 pounds of trash and 1,404 invasive plants including French broom and red sesbania along the American River Parkway. Thank you to all who volunteered in December!


Have you ever wondered who to thank for the 3-mile stretch of star-thistle-free Parkway from Cal Expo to Watt Ave? Meet Bob Bloomer, Parkway Foundation Invasive Plant Patrol champion. Bob has been volunteering with the Parkway Foundation since 1996 (20 years!) and spent more than 1,200 hours removing invasive plants and cleaning up the river. Bob is retiring from our Invasive Plant Patrol and will be dearly missed, but we are thrilled for his next adventures. Read on to learn more about Bob!

Describe your connection to the American River Parkway. What does the Parkway mean to you?
After retirement and a move to Sacramento, the Parkway offered a chance for continued activity as well as an opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of such a uniquely preserved area.

What initially drew you to ARPF? Why have you continued to volunteer?
As a salmon and steelhead fisherman, the many accesses to the AR along it's route was amazing to someone of my interest. And catch or no catch, what a way to spend your time in such a place. Realized my best contribution would be the eradication (attempt) of the Yellow Star Thistle placed down on the list of invasive removals because of its expansiveness. Retirement meant I could spend a lot of time in that effort, and it's eradication became a challenge to me.

How would you describe your volunteer experience? Would you encourage others to volunteer on the Parkway?
The Parkway becomes a second yard or garden. If it's important to keep those home spaces neat and weed free, what an opportunity to do the same here. So how easy it is to transfer that maintenance to invasives and trash removal, to trail clearing, as example. Prospective volunteers along with these activities and the satisfaction derived from them, can participate in many special event programs offered by ARPF staff, welcoming their efforts. The updating by email of those efforts to all, is exceptional.

How can folks carry on the volunteer legacy that you've left?
The legacy is the ARPF staff, each with their special areas of responsibility that account for the Parkway's integrity, then passed along by all volunteers. My time in invasives/flotsam removal, and trail clearing will be uninterrupted and no doubt enhanced.

Do you have a favorite Parkway memory/memories?
Think meeting and getting to know folks in passing has been very pleasant. Friendly greetings, or just a smile of awareness of where we are and what we have to enjoy. And, of course, the satisfaction of viewing the before and after of your efforts after so many seasons.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Lately, I've been thinking about those special people who made it possible for this pristine area to be preserved in its natural state. Don't know who they were, but think dedicating a memorial or even statuary of their likenesses would be appropriate. It could be installed in front of the office as a visual reminder to all of us of their foresight.


We're launching a new social media campaign in 2017! For the next 52 weeks, we'll be bringing you 52 things to do on the American River Parkway. Check in with us every Thursday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new (and old) ideas on how to enjoy the Parkway, and share your ideas with the hashtag #PARKWAY52 for a chance to be featured!

A parks pass is great motivation to get outside! Buy yours here.

The American River Parkway is the perfect place to launch a New Year's Resolution! With 23 miles and 4,800 acres to explore, there's plenty of space to stretch your legs and achieve any physical fitness or wellness goals you may have set for 2017.

Still need a resolution? Try this: Spend 30 minutes outside at least once a week for the rest of 2017! Studies have shown that time spent in nature can improve mental health as well as having physical benefits. If you need more convincing, check out this article on "How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain" from the New York Times blog.


Kick off your Super Bowl weekend with a super cleanup! Join us on Saturday, February 4th for a river cleanup at the Northgate Blvd American River Access. This is an area heavily impacted by illegal camping, and we need your help to clean it up! Please wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Water, gloves and snacks will be provided. RSVP to

We also need pickup trucks and/or trailers for this cleanup! If you can help out, send us an email.

2017 Events
Cleanups Howlin' on the Parkway Summer Solstice Ride the Parkway
Sat, April 8
Spring Cleanup | 10+ Cleanup Sites

Sat, Sep. 16
GARCU | 20+ Cleanup Sites
April 22
Earth Day Celebration | Dog Walk | Costume Contest | Food Trucks
June 24
Farm-to-Fork Meal | Local Beer & Wine | Live Music | Silent & Live Auctions
September 10
Bike Ride | BBQ Lunch | Beer & Cider | Live Music | Raffle | Bike Show
Registration for these events will open soon. Stay tuned on our Facebook and website for announcements!




The American River Parkway is your Parkway! Become a member of the American River Parkway Foundation and have an individual impact on the future of the Parkway. Your contribution can help:

  • Provide trash bags to remove debris
  • Plant native wildflowers enjoyed by wildlife and Parkway visitors
  • Equip volunteers with tools to remove invasive plants harmful to the ecosystem
  • Ensure mutt mitt bags are supplied and that pet waste does not pollute waterways
  • Spur the restoration of a burn site
  • Bring under-served youth to the Parkway for an outdoor learning experience
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    The Parkway Partners program is aimed at connecting local businesses with the 8 million visits that occur on the American River Parkway each year. The Parkway Foundation highlights your business via Parkway Gatherings that bring patrons to your place of business, branded social media posts, recognition in our e-news sent to over 17,000 contacts, and the Parkway Foundation website (new version coming in early-2017). To learn more about the Parkway Partners program email Chris at

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