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Volunteering FAQs

How do I become an ARPF volunteer?

Becoming an ARPF volunteer is easy! Check out the calendar of events to see if there’s an event coming up that you are interested in. RSVP to the event, show up, sign the waiver and you’re an official volunteer! If you’re interested in long-term volunteer opportunities, we ask that you fill out a volunteer application and a liability waiver for the year.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

ARPF has volunteering opportunities for all ages. Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult. All volunteers younger than 18 must have a youth liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. If there are age restrictions for any event, they will be clearly stated.

Can my group volunteer with ARPF?

ARPF has great group volunteering opportunities for groups. It’s always more fun to volunteer with friends!  Groups are welcome at any of our scheduled volunteer events. ARPF can also schedule events for businesses, schools, or other groups. If you’d like to schedule a group event, please contact the ARPF office.

What types of volunteer opportunities are there?

ARPF has regular, open volunteer work days on weekends throughout the year. ARPF also uses volunteers to at Special Events. APRF has additional, ongoing volunteer opportunities. Volunteer Stewards (Mile Stewards, Invasive Plant Patrol and Burn Site Stewards) make long-term volunteer commitments.  

Can I receive credit for community service hours?

Yes, volunteers can get credit for school required community service hours. If you have court ordered community service hours please contact the ARPF office.

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