Letter/Email Template and Call Script for Contacting Our Local Leaders



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Mayor Darrell Steinberg, City of Sacramento

Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby, City of Sacramento District 1

Councilmember Sean Loloee, City of Sacramento District 2

Councilmember Jeff Harris, City of Sacramento District 3

Councilmember Katie Valenzuela, City of Sacramento District 4

Councilmember Jay Schenirer, City of Sacramento District 5

Councilmember Eric Guerra, City of Sacramento District 6

Councilmember Rick Jennings II, City of Sacramento District 7

Councilmember Mai Vang, City of Sacramento District 8

Supervisor Don Notolli, Sacramento County District 5 – Chair

Supervisor Richard Desmond, Sacramento County District 3 – Vice Chair

Supervisor Phil Serna, Sacramento County District 1

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County District 2

Supervisor Sue Frost, Sacramento County District 4



Liz Bellas, Sacramento County Regional Parks Director

Leonard Orman, Chief Ranger


3 thoughts on “Letter/Email Template and Call Script for Contacting Our Local Leaders

  1. I have lived near William Pond for 50 years. In that time I logged many miles on the Parkway as a marathoner and just as many miles as a cyclist. My grown children and grandchildren were raised using a he Parkway. I have watched with sadness and anger at the abuse of this nature area by those who have no respect for the beauty and habitat this Parkway has offered so many of us. Please help save this gift from God so that we may feel safe using it and enjoy the phenomenal beauties of nature.

  2. I have lived here for over 50 years In Rancho Cordova. I started my running career on the Parkway as a Ultra runner ,Marathoner and I have done many races on the Parkway. The Wildlife just isn’t as abundant along the parkway as it was in the passed. The Deer herds has moved the rabbits are disappearing and the Turkeys are moving into the neighborhoods. The Coyotes food is the cats in close by neighborhoods. The Wild life is important to our echo system just as important as the Trees and Grass that gives us gives us a wonderful Life for all of Us to see. The Homeless living on the Riverfront in squander is shameful in so many ways a danger to we the TAX Payers using the Parkway. Why should I, We be so frighten that we can’t use the trails along the American River I have been harnessed and can’t go beyond Watt on the North side of the river on the trail. I will not would not let my Dog drink from the American River near homeless camps. I can be fined $$$ for allowing my Dog to run off lead but the Homeless can use the river and Trash the area and they don’t have to have a Doggie Bag to clean up after themselves. Millions has been thrown away in studies and with no solution for a problem that has gotten way out of hand. Council members Supervisors and Mayor make this right for the once and make the parkway once again Friendly and Beautiful for all of US, SACRAMENTIANS.

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