Information for Sac County Parkway Ordinance


The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will vote on a Parkway Ordinance on August 10 at 2 p.m.


If passed, the ordinance will toughen restrictions and consequences of actions on the Parkway, including illegal camping, open flames, use of generators and combustible liquids, construction and maintenance of structures, and modifications to the land.


Read more about the ordinance.


The Parkway Foundation supports this measure as one part of the solution to addressing the humanitarian and environmental crises on the Parkway. However, this ordinance won’t be effective without the other essential element: ensuring there is shelter and wrap-around services for the unhoused in the County, especially those living on the Parkway.


We urge you to also show your support in at least one of the below ways:

  • Attend the Board meeting at 700 H Street in Downtown Sacramento and participate in public comment.
  • Call into the meeting at (916) 875-2500 and make a public comment.
  • Send an email to and/or call your Supervisor. Templates can be found here.


Even if the ordinance is approved, the Parkway Foundation will continue to work with the County on addressing homelessness.


Thank you for learning more about getting involved. Let us know if you have any questions.



Supervisor Don Notolli, Sacramento County District 5 – Chair

Supervisor Richard Desmond, Sacramento County District 3 – Vice Chair

Supervisor Phil Serna, Sacramento County District 1

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County District 2

Supervisor Sue Frost, Sacramento County District 4


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9 thoughts on “Information for Sac County Parkway Ordinance

  1. I support the ordinance to ban illegal camping on the American River Parkway. Multiple fires have been started near these sites. Trash left behind is also an ongoing problem. Pollution from these sites is a hazard to wildlife and water quality.

  2. I am firmly in support for this ordinance. The trash left by these people is disgusting.

  3. As a regular user of the Parkway, I feel the encroachment of my small area of usage by homeless personages. I wholeheartedly endorse the proposed ordinance and am grateful that the County is fully aware of the humanitarian issues involved. Thank you all for your help in this important issue.

  4. I live in Rancho Cordova near the River. I support the no illegal camping in the Parkway ordinance. Walking near homeless camps makes me nervous and greatly reduces my ability to enjoy the park. Plus homeless camps destroy habitat, degrade water quality, and pose health and safety risks to the homeless themselves and to people using the Parkway.

  5. As someone that uses the Parkway on a regular basis and purchases a season pass annually I 100% support the proposed ordinance. I actually feel it is too lenient. I’m sorry but the homeless that are living along the parkway do so by choice. They have had been offered help on Many occassions but they refuse the help and would rather mooch and steal their way through life. I HAVE HAD MY CELL PHONE AND WALLET WITH ALL MY CREDIT CARDS AND IDENTIFICATION STOLEN. RIGHT OUT OF MY CAR LOSING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS LITERALLY IN A MANNER of SECONDS. I AM OVER FEELING SORRY FOR THEM I AM OVER THEIR BEGGING AT EVERY STREET CORNER THEY NEED TO BE DEALT WITH. IF THEY REFUSE TO HELP THEN THEY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE..
    I know this is harsh but come on they are destroying property., hurting the environment and live like animals…. maybe it’s time treat them as such

  6. Pass the ordinance. Illegal is illegal!! Those who put themselves for whatever reason, in bad situations by making poor decisions should not be immune from the law. We are regular users of the beautiful American River Parkway & are just disgusted by what is happening.

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