Stories from the Parkway: “The deer was my most favorite part”

In previous editions of Stories from the Parkway, we’ve seen the Parkway from the perspective of an adult. Our next story is from the experiences of children.

The children explain why the Parkway is so important to our community and what everyone can experience on the Parkway.


“I like the Parkway because I like to ride my bike and see the river. I like the otters. I like everything.”
Lucy, Age 4

Mira, Age 8


Kalia, Age 6



KJ, Age 8

These children are some of the millions of visits that occur on the American River Parkway each year. Help us continue to conserve this Sacramento treasure so our community and future generations can have the opportunity to make their own memories here. Become a member or donate today.

3 thoughts on “Stories from the Parkway: “The deer was my most favorite part”

  1. I love the stories from the children’s view of the American Parkway. I run the trails and i love the OLD OAK trees and wonder what can they tell us of years that have passed. The wild life is our guide to living telling us all is well.

    I’m concerned about the homeless as the camps are moving east and taking the WILDLIFE out of there HOMES. The deer and coyotes are moving up river. The CAMPS are bring in RATS I’ve seen them run across the trail in evening’s when i run the horse trails, IF this free for all camps take up space on the river the wildlife will DISAPPEAR the filth will destroy the parkway….

  2. I have lived in Sacramento for 27 years. With cycling and walking, my mate and I visit the parkway 3 days a week or more. I never get tired of it, even if we have gone to the same spot one hundred times. It is wonderful to have such a diverse selection of wildlife, so close at hand; Otter, Deer, Coyote, Wild Turkey, Roadrunner, Feral cats, Snakes, Hawks, Eagles, Jack Rabbits, and other animals I can’t name. For the past 5 years we have picked up litter and recyclable material; over 7 tons of glass alone. Our earnings so far are the equivalent for one years tuition to Sacramento State, where our son graduated. The American River Parkway is a treasure to our region.

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