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An Outdoor Classroom: The Parkway Foundation has partnered with the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) and other organizations to bring youth to the Parkway. In 2016, SCOE led a robust STEM education program with 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders from Title I schools that meets Next Generation science standards. The Parkway Foundation also coordinated with other organizations to offer visitors recreational experiences, environmental stewardship education, and other trainings. Over 5,800 underrepresented youth across Sacramento County have had the opportunity to experience the outdoors since this program started.

The Parkway Foundation manages ongoing maintenance and improvements of the River Bend Outdoor Educational Site. Necessary funding for the River Bend Outdoor Educational Site includes programmatic and infrastructure investments. Infrastructure developments would ultimately enhance current programs and support new and expanded experiences, e.g. overnight camping trips for groups. The table below describes the activities to take place in 2017 and beyond.

Program or Items


Other trainings with partner organizations


Restrooms and shower facility


40+ visits serving approximately 60 students per visit

Public speaking; Bike Labs with youth; nature hikes; nature presentations

Native plants; mulch; paint; trail improvements

Permanent restrooms and showers for campers and other visitors

With the necessary funding the River Bend Outdoor Educational Site can provide youth a healthy learning experience, an appreciation for nature, opportunities for physical activity, and more. For more information or to support this impactful outdoor educational site, please contact the Parkway Foundation at (916) 486-2773 or info@arpf.org.

Background about the River Bend Outdoor Educational Site: In 2010, a Master Plan for the site at River Bend (purchased by Sacramento County Parks in 2008) was approved by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. District Rotary 5180 and Save Mart Supermarkets began raising funds to rehabilitate the camp. Over the past three years an outdoor amphitheater, new picnic tables, two shade structures, and walking trails have been built.

Over the Summer of 2015 the Parkway Foundation partnered with the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) to bring youth from Title I schools to the River Bend Site. 398 students were served from different after school programs representing four districts and eight schools. Students were broken up into three groups and rotated into the three sessions that included a nature hike, observation of aquatic macroinvertebrates, and a water ferry engineering design activity.

The Parkway Foundation is pleased to work with a wide range of partners to further develop this wonderful resource on the American River Parkway.

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