Take Action: Sacramento Regional Parks Budget

About 15 percent of the American River Parkway has been scorched by fires so far this year, resulting in greater need for maintenance, monitoring, and funding. You can help by voicing your opinion.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will be discussing the final 2021-2022 budget, beginning on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

This budget impacts the American River Parkway. ARPF is recommending an additional 1.5 million dollars be allocated for the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department to cover the following new staff positions, along with supporting fire fuel reduction equipment:

1 Park Ranger,

4 Ranger Assistants, and

3 Maintenance Supervisors

We are requesting that these additional funds be placed into a fire fund and these positions and equipment to be earmarked to work exclusively on the American River Parkway.

Please voice your support of this increase to the Board of Supervisors by attending the hearings or submitting written comments directly to your elected representative:


Supervisor Phil Serna, Sacramento County District 1 SupervisorSerna@Saccounty.net
Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County District 2 kennedyp@saccounty.net
Supervisor Richard Desmond, Sacramento County District 3 richdesmond@sacc​​oun​ty.net
Supervisor Sue Frost, Sacramento County District 4 SupervisorFrost@saccounty.net
Supervisor Don Notolli, Sacramento County District 5 nottolid@saccounty.net

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