August 23, 2022 – American River Parkway Foundation Urges Sacramento County Supervisors to Continue to Make Finding Shelter Space a Priority

The Parkway Foundation attends a heated Board of Supervisors meeting, urging the passage of the ordinance that toughens restrictions on illegal camping on the American River Parkway, but to continue to make finding shelter space for the unhoused a priority. The Parkway Foundation released a statement later that night.

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August 10, 2022 – American River Parkway Foundation Comments on Proposed Illegal Camping Ordinance

Parkway Foundation Executive Director Dianna Poggetto and Board Member Karen Doron spoke in the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors’ Chambers during the discussion regarding an illegal camping ordinance on the Parkway. While the Parkway Foundation supported the ordinance, both Poggetto and Doron emphasized the need for more housing with wrap-around services for the unhoused community. Poggetto also mentioned what role the Parkway Foundation is playing in addressing homelessness in the County, including suggesting possible safe sites on the Parkway.


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June 29, 2022 – American River Parkway Foundation Responds to the Low Numbers in the Point in Time Count

The Sacramento County Point in Time Count is released showing a little more than 9,200 unhoused individuals were counted, but estimating there are 16,000-20,000 in the County.

The American River Parkway was included in the count for the first time and 594 individuals were counted in a less than a 5 mile stretch.

The Parkway Foundation released a response saying the count does not show the full picture of what’s taking place on the Parkway.

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