June 29, 2022 – American River Parkway Foundation Responds to the Low Numbers in the Point in Time Count

The Sacramento County Point in Time Count is released showing a little more than 9,200 unhoused individuals were counted, but estimating there are 16,000-20,000 in the County.

The American River Parkway was included in the count for the first time and 594 individuals were counted in a less than a 5 mile stretch.

The Parkway Foundation released a response saying the count does not show the full picture of what’s taking place on the Parkway.

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June 2, 2022 – Voice of the Parkway Coalition Mobilized for County Budget Discussions

The Parkway Foundation mobilized the Voice of the Parkway Coalition in support of investment in a plan for the 2022-23 County of Sacramento Fiscal Year that not only helps get people off the streets and the Parkway, but that also provides them with the resources they need to stay housed. This includes suitable locations for shelters, wrap-around services and resources and a timeline to hold local leaders accountable.

At the same, Coalition members urged for the plan to consider the safety of residents and businesses. This includes good neighbor policies for sites that keep our communities clean and safe.

April 30, 2022 – The Washington Post Covers Politics Around Homelessness in Sacramento

The Washington Post published an article on homelessness in Sacramento, recent proposals to address it and views from different stakeholders in the community.

Included in the article was the opportunity for the American River Parkway Foundation to discuss the Parkway, how it is impacted and what these proposals may mean for our urban gem. The Parkway Foundation also led the Post team on a tour of the Parkway.

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