The American River Parkway is a true urban gem in Sacramento.

Covering nearly 5000 acres, at 23 miles in length, with trails surrounding the American River- this has become a Mecca for all outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to refresh or re-create themselves.

Over the past few years, ARPF supporters have increasingly requested that we take a more proactive role in voicing Parkway concerns.

We listened.

The ARPF is taking greater initiative in sharing the complex topics openly.

One of the major concerns has been the increase in fires in our massive park.  Just this year alone (2021), wildfires have scorched over 11 percent of the American River Parkway’s 4800 acres. This has been devastating for the wildlife, nature resources and the surrounding communities in more than one way.

Additional concerns that we are looking deeper into addressing include: water contamination, garbage disposal, and visitor safety.

We invite you to Watch & Share our video, Parkway in Peril.

This is our way of sharing and showing you some of the concerns that we are working to address. These conversations need to happen.

Change needs to happen. And we can’t do it without you…

We urge you to take notice of these important issues and contact your elected representatives to push for change.

Sacramento must enact an effective solution, and soon.

The future of the Parkway depends upon it.

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