An American River Parkway Foundation program that connects families to the Parkway to play and enjoy its beauty.

In 2018, ARPF commissioned a survey entitled “Perceptions of the Parkway”. The survey results show disproportionate percentages of diversity in visitors to the Parkway. Only 27% of the participants felt that the Parkway was “easy to access or get to”, and only 50% of those living within 5 miles of the Parkway had ever visited it.

The American River Parkway is for everyone.

We at the American River Parkway Foundation fully believe this and want to decrease the barriers to entry that are still stopping people from enjoying this amazing green space. We look to increase these numbers and increase accessibility.

Through Parkway CONNECT, the American River Parkway Foundation has created flyers in multiple languages to make learning about the Parkway easier. We have partnered with other non-profits, including Lao Family Community Development and CASA Sacramento, to give them free Parkway Parking Passes for their families to use.


To learn more about Parkway CONNECT, please call our office at (916) 486-2773 or email


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