Trail Maintenance

Multi-use Dirt Trail
Since 2009 the American River Parkway Foundation has taken the lead in maintaining the multi-use trail or as most people refer to it as the “equestrian/hiking trail.” Initial funding for this important program was made possible through a contribution from the Sacramento Running Association (SRA). The dirt trail runs the length of the 23-mile American River Parkway from Discovery Park up to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, providing visitors access to a different level of natural beauty.

The trail is used by equestrians and hikers, as well as a range of runners, from casual joggers to Olympic and professional athletes. Walkers and runners must yield to equestrians and dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

Annual maintenance involves mowing grass and noxious weeds, clearing back encroaching brush, replacing vandalized signs, and removing downed trees, which happens throughout the year along this hidden gem.

Trail Report

The Parkway Foundation staff and volunteers work to maintain a trail width of six feet and an eight foot clearance to enhance access and safety for trail users. The wet season and high river flows damaged many sections of the trail and increased the amount of vegetation encroaching the trail. The Parkway Foundation will be working throughout the year to make necessary repairs while also maintaining desired clearances. In 2019, ARPF staff and volunteers cleared 15.9 miles of trails.

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