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Since 1983, the American River Parkway Foundation has been a leader on conservation of the American River Parkway. We’re currently the ONLY nonprofit that focuses on active conservation of the full 23-miles of our Urban Jewel. We operate volunteer programs that remove trash and invasive plants and maintain trails and infrastructure. We want to ensure the Parkway is an accessible space for all.

Mile Stewards

ARPF’s Volunteer Mile Stewards are our eyes and ears on the ground. They dedicate a minimum amount of hours per quarter to conserving their mile…

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ARPF hosts group clean-ups along the Parkway throughout the year. During these events, volunteers help gather and remove trash and debris…

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Invasive Plant Management Program

ARPF works with volunteers to locate and clear away invasive plant species from the Parkway. During these events, volunteers use specialized equipment to remove plants…

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Trail Maintenance

Since 2009, the Parkway Foundation has taken the lead in maintaining the multi-use trail, or, as most people refer to it, the “equestrian/hiking trail”…

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Fire Safe Council

The ARPF Fire Safe Council represents stakeholders on the Parkway that are focused on mitigating fire danger…

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Infrastructure Maintenance

ARPF organizes volunteers to build, maintain and repair picnic tables, benches, shade structures, kiosks and trail signs as well as repaint fire lanes and handicap stall curbs…

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River Bend Outdoor Educational Site

An Outdoor Classroom: the Parkway Foundation partners with the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) to bring youth to the Parkway…

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Native Plant Garden

The ARPF Native Plant Garden, located next to our office in William B. Pond Park, features six zones highlighting the different plants, grasses and trees native to the Parkway…

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Pups in the Park

Sponsored by donors and managed by Parkway Foundation staff, the Pups in the Park program provides disposable dog waste pick-up bags at sixteen stations on the Parkway…

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Interpretive Program

ARPF is creating an interpretation of the Parkway that educates visitors on its history and its impact on the community…

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Tribute Tables

Tribute tables are a wonderful way to honor a special person, pet, or group. They are made of concrete and can include a personalized message stamped into the bench or table. They replace the wood tables currently along the 23-mile stretch of the American River Parkway.

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