Volunteers Play an Essential Role in Conserving the American River Parkway

The American River Parkway Foundation relies on thousands of volunteers and hundreds of businesses and organizations every year to help conserve the 4,800 acres of the American River Parkway. There are opportunities for individuals and groups of all sizes and ages. This is also a great way to encourage team building and family bonding as well as collect community service hours.

From clearing trash and debris to removing invasive plants and maintaining trails and infrastructure, the impact volunteers have on the Parkway is indispensable.

How You Can Volunteer

Group Clean-Ups

ARPF hosts group clean-ups along the Parkway throughout the year. During these events, volunteers travel to a predetermined area of the Parkway and help gather and remove trash and debris. Group clean-ups are great opportunities for team building and family bonding as well as to collect community service hours. ARPF provides all the essentials during organized clean-ups, including gloves, trash bags, waters and light snacks.

Volunteer Mile Stewards

ARPF’s Volunteer Mile Stewards are our eyes and ears on the ground. They dedicate a minimum amount of hours per quarter (20 hours for groups, 9 hours for individuals) to conserving their mile by helping to remove trash and graffiti, organizing group clean-up efforts and filing condition reports.

Invasive Plant Management Program

ARPF works with volunteers to locate and clear away invasive plant species from the Parkway. During these events, volunteers use specialized equipment to remove plants that decrease biodiversity, increase risk of fires, outcompete native plants and disrupt the natural food chain. Volunteers can get involved by attending a scheduled event or becoming a Plant Steward. ARPF provides all the essentials during organized events, including gloves, weed wrenches, waters and light snacks. Great for groups of less than 15.

Trail Maintenance

Volunteers help maintain more than 30 miles of unpaved hiking/equestrian trails by trimming low hanging branches, removing fallen limbs, cutting overgrown weeds with powered weed whackers and backfilling divots and holes. ARPF provides gloves, tools, waters and light snacks during organized events. Great for groups of 10 or fewer.

Infrastructure Projects

ARPF works with volunteers to build, maintain and repair infrastructure on the Parkway. This includes picnic tables, benches, shade structures, kiosks and trail signs as well as repainting fire lanes and handicap stall curbs. This is also an opportunity for fundraising for supplies and materials. Great for team building and Scout projects.

Native Plant Garden

Volunteers help maintain the ARPF Native Plant Garden next to our William Pond Park office. This garden features six zones highlighting the plants, grasses, and trees native to the Parkway. Volunteers help pull weeds, lay mulch, and maintain garden signs. Great for kids and groups of up to 15.

Attention registered volunteers: Please complete our waiver and watch our must-see Volunteer Safety video below.

*Upcoming Volunteer Events Calendar

*Volunteer Reporting (ARPF volunteers can report hours online using this link)

*Intern Volunteer Waiver PDF

*Adult Volunteer Waiver PDF

*Youth Volunteer Waiver PDF

*Youth volunteers are welcome at most ARPF volunteer events. An adult must accompany minors under 16 years old AND must have a youth liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian on file with ARPF. Minors aged 16 and 17 can attend volunteer events unaccompanied but must have a youth liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian on file with ARPF.

Registered volunteers, please watch our awesome Volunteer Safety Video. It’s packed with great tips and insights that will help make your experience even more enjoyable.

Have any questions? Email volunteer@arpf.org

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