The American River Parkway is in crisis!


There are an estimated 2,000+ illegal campers on the American River Parkway. As the issue of homelessness in Sacramento County has increased, the Parkway has been ground zero for the crisis.

We need your help to hold our local leaders and municipal staff accountable!



Environmental Impacts

This is having huge environmental impacts on the Parkway that will take years to recover from. In 2021, more than 15% of the Parkway burned from fires; most of those were human caused and started near illegal encampments. In 2022, we have already seen an early start, destroying our urban jewel and putting our communities and businesses at risk.

This is all in addition to the soil impaction, disturbance in wildlife habitats and destruction of vegetation caused by illegal camping.

Public Health Crisis

The thousands of illegal campers on the Parkway are living among trash and human waste and are exposed to the extreme weather we experience in the Sacramento region. This is a public health crisis that has led to a number of deaths among unhoused individuals. It’s also diminishing our water quality and polluting the environment.


The American River Parkway Foundation is taking action to address the crisis.

Not only are we increasing our efforts to protect and conserve the Parkway, we’re urging the County of Sacramento and the City of Sacramento to do the same. We asked each to present a plan to address the homelessness crisis that has clear goals and timelines. This will allow the community to hold our local leaders and municipal staff accountable. 


See the letter we submitted to the County of Sacramento and the City of Sacramento


The Parkway Foundation also formed the Voice of the Parkway Coalition to educate the public about what is happening on the Parkway and mobilize the community around solutions as well as encourage them to participate in the local legislative process.

The Coalition is also working with local business leaders to help the County find land for shelters. 

Together, WE can protect and conserve the Parkway.


Let your voice be heard!


-> Join the Voice of the Parkway Coalition. We’ll send you updates on what we are doing and the role you can play.

-> Share Parkway Foundation messages with your family and friends and encourage them to join the Coalition.

-> Participate in Board of Supervisors’ and City Council meetings to share your concerns. We need to ensure our local leaders are hearing from all of the community and local businesses.

-> Email and call your local leaders so they know what you’re experiencing.


    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or call our office at (916) 486-2773.

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