Voice of the Parkway Coalition

The American River Parkway is in crisis. The environmental and public safety impacts of the growing amount of incidents of illegal camping threaten the Parkway’s beauty and sustainability and are a hazard to communities, schools and businesses that border the Parkway. This includes growing fire danger, diminished water quality and hazardous materials produced from intravenous drug use.

The American River Parkway Foundation is taking action in addressing the crisis. Not only are we increasing our efforts to protect and conserve the Parkway, we’re urging Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento to do the same.

See the letter we submitted to the County of Sacramento and the City of Sacramento

We ask that you join us in these efforts. By signing onto our coalition, you will receive the latest updates on our activities and information on how you can play a role in protecting Sacramento’s greatest natural resource.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@arpf.org or call our office at (916) 486-2773.