Pups in the Park

Generously sponsored by donors and managed by the American River Parkway Foundation, The Pups in the Park Program provides 65,000-80,000 mutt mitts annually at 20 convenient stations across the parkway. By using these handy bags, responsible dog owners like you help prevent over 8 tons of dog waste from entering our environment and waterways each year.

Listed below are the “mutt mitt” locations along the American River Parkway:

  • Paradise Beach
  • Sutters Landing
  • Howe Ave. (North)
  • Howe Ave. (South)
  • Kadema Drive
  • Watt Ave. (North)
  • Watt Ave. (South)
  • Estates Drive
  • Jacob Lane
  • Mira Del Rio Dr. (Gristmill)
  • William B. Pond Recreation Area
  • River Bend Park
  • Sarah Court
  • Ancil Hoffman Park
  • Rossmoor Bar
  • Sacramento Bar
  • Upper Sunrise Blvd. River Access
  • Gold River (near mile 21)
  • Sailor Bar
A big shout-out to our amazing Pups in the Park sponsors! Their support keeps these essential mutt mitt stations stocked and helps us reduce toxins in our waterways and soil.

Pups in the Park Sponsors

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