Pups in the Park

Sponsored by donors and managed by American River Parkway Foundation, the Pups in the Park program provides mutt mitts at seventeen stations on the American River Parkway. This program is essential to encourage positive dog owner behavior as well as ensure our waterways are clean and free of our four-legged friend’s waste. It is your duty to pick up your dog’s doody!

Listed below are the” mutt mitt” locations along the American River Parkway:

  • Paradise Beach
  • Howe Ave. (North)
  • Howe Ave. (South)
  • Kadema Drive
  • Watt Ave. (North)
  • Watt Ave. (South)
  • Estates Drive
  • Jacob Lane
  • Mira Del Rio Dr. (Gristmill)
  • William B. Pond Park
  • River Bend Park
  • Sarah Court
  • Ancil Hoffman Park
  • Rossmoor Bar
  • Sacramento Bar
  • Upper Sunrise Blvd. River Access
  • Gold River (near mile 21)
  • Sailor Bar

Thank you to our Pups in the Park Sponsors! Without their support the mutt mitts would not be available along the Parkway, which reduces the amount of toxins entering our waterways and contaminating soil.

In 2019, 65,000 mutt mitt bags were purchased.

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