We couldn’t do it without you!

The American River Parkway Foundation regularly invites the community to take part in the stewardship of the American River Parkway. This includes participating in clean-ups year-round, resulting in thousands of volunteers and more than 120,000 pounds of trash removed annually.

Clean-up efforts are anchored by our two largest clean-ups of the year: Spring Clean-Up in April and the Great American River Clean-Up in September. These are complemented by our Sustainable Saturday Clean-Ups held once a month and group clean-ups held with local volunteers, organizations, businesses, and corporations throughout the year.

Clean-ups are essential to removing trash and debris from the Parkway, allowing the environment to heal itself and preventing trash and debris from entering the ecosystem and waterways.

For more information, please contact us at: volunteer@arpf.org.

Our Parkway needs your help!

When you are out on the Parkway, bring a bag and help remove debris if you can!

If you see a collection of trash while out on the trails, such as an abandoned campsite or illegally dumped goods- contact 311 or email us at info@arpf.org.


Our volunteers have been working hard to remove trash from the American River Parkway!


For more information about volunteering or sponsoring our Clean-Ups, please contact us at (916) 486-2773 or email volunteer@arpf.org.

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