The Sacramento Bee: Sacramento’s ‘No. 1 problem’: American River homeless camps test Democrats’ compassion

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KFBK: The American River Parkway Homeless Problem and Community Action

Now, the business community is getting involved, putting their names behind the “Voices of the Parkway Coalition” to rally the community, organizations and corporations around solutions that address illegal camping as well as the greater issue of homelessness in Sacramento County. The CEO of one of the biggest local business banks is helping bring more awareness to this and working diligently to find solutions. Five Star Bank’s James Beckwith, who was just named UCP’s “Humanitarian of the Year”, along with the Executive Director of the American River Parkway Foundation, Dianna Poggetto.spoke with Kitty about the effort. Read More

ABC10: Sacramento County’s homeless population nearly doubled between 2019 and 2022, report finds

“I think we’re at a crisis level,” said Dianna Poggetto, executive director of the American River Parkway Foundation. She said she hopes these numbers light a fire under city and county officials to move more quickly on plans to create shelters and affordable housing. “No one wants a shelter in their community, but at the same time, if we don’t create shelters, then we’re not going to solve the problem,” Poggetto said. “These individuals need assistance, and we as a society should be able to assist them.” Read More

CBS13: Park Rangers Crack Down On Barbecues Along American River Parkway To Reduce Fire Risk

Dianna Poggetto is the executive director of the non-profit American River Parkway Foundation. She says homeless campers continue to be the biggest fire threat. “It’s the worst it’s ever been,” she said. “There are estimates of two to three thousand out on the parkway.” The organization has formed a new fire safe council, which allows them to apply for grants and raise money for prevention projects. “Our goal by next year at this time is to have over $500,000,” Poggetto said. The county is also deploying sheep to help manage vegetation and they are working with people who own land adjacent to the parkway to create fire breaks—all efforts to protect this wildland from any more devastating blazes. Read More

Inside Publications: Nowhere to Go: Illegal Camping Threatens American River Parkway

ARPF invited city and county leaders to participate in a cleanup and witness firsthand the devastation. Sacramento County Supervisors Rive Desmond, Patrick Kennedy and Don Nottoli, and City Council member Katie Valenzuela joined parkway representatives, agency staff and media to view and clean trails near Northgate Boulevard. Read More

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