American River Parkway Foundation Launches the #LoveTheParkway Campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 18, 2022   American River Parkway Foundation Launches the #LoveTheParkway Campaign Campaign will highlight the benefits of the Parkway and how the community can play a role in its stewardship SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The American River Parkway Foundation (Parkway Foundation) announced today it launched the #LoveTheParkway Campaign (#LoveTheParkway) to engage the community in the stewardship of the American River Parkway (Parkway) and encourage the community to explore the Parkway and discover all of the benefits it has to offer. #LoveTheParkway will be woven into all aspects of the Parkway Foundation, including; social media, newsletter communications, education on trail etiquette, programs, advocacy and merchandise. “The #LoveTheParkway Campaign promotes the American River Parkway as an open resource for everyone to connect with nature right here in the middle of the urban core,” said Dianna Poggetto, the Parkway Foundation’s Executive Director. “There is no other park like it in the country and we want to ensure that visitors have a wonderful experience.” The community and visitors can get involved in #LoveTheParkway by including the hashtag in social media posts about the Parkway. They can also submit testimonials about what the Parkway means to them by emailing or posting on social media using #LoveTheParkway. The Greater Sacramento Region and beyond can financially support the Parkway through donations to the Parkway Foundation and by buying merchandise. Proceeds are invested into Parkway Foundation programs that directly benefit the Parkway. Information can be found at “The Parkway Foundation focuses on conservation of the Parkway through clean-ups, trail maintenance, infrastructure improvements, invasive plant removal, fire mitigation, education on trail etiquette, and outdoor education. We wouldn’t be able to complete our work without the tremendous support of our thousands of volunteers,” said Poggetto. The Parkway stretches 23 miles along the American River from the confluence with the Sacramento River up to Nimbus Dam. It is 4,800 acres in size and contains a diversity of habitats that are home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, coyotes, bobcats, snakes and even the occasional mountain lion. The Parkway also serves as a source for recreation, which is why the Lower American River was designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. Every year, 5-8 million people visit the Parkway to run, hike, cycle, ride horses, kayak, float, bird watch and more. “The Parkway is more than just a park. It’s everyone’s backyard. We appreciate the love the Sacramento region has for this urban jewel and are committed to its stewardship,” said Poggetto. About the American River Parkway Foundation The American River Parkway Foundation (Parkway Foundation) is the only nonprofit organization focused on conservation of all 23 miles of the American River Parkway (Parkway). Through managing programs like volunteer clean-ups, infrastructure improvements, trail maintenance, fire mitigation and education, the Parkway Foundation leads and inspires the community to conserve and nurture the Parkway as a unique, accessible resource for everyone to enjoy. Learn more at — ### —

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