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Bringing Local Leaders Together for the Good of the Community

Local leaders joined ARPF volunteers, board members and staff on March 12 for a clean-up near the Northgate River Access that allowed them to get a firsthand perspective at the destruction that’s taking place on the Parkway and discuss solutions.

This was an opportunity for our local leaders to hear from ARPF volunteers, board members and staff as well as interact with illegal campers on the Parkway. We appreciated the exchange of ideas while the City, County and ARPF worked together to make a difference in our community. We look forward to continued collaboration.

Thank you to all of our local leaders who joined us:

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty
Supervisor Don Nottoli
Supervisor Rich Desmond
Supervisor Patrick Kennedy
Mayor Darrell Steinberg
Councilmember Katie Valenzuela
Sacramento County Recreation and Park Commissioner Claudia Goss
Sacramento County Recreation and Park Commissioner Dan Gonzales
Sacramento County Regional Parks Director Liz Bellas
Sacramento Fire Department Fire Marshall Jason Lee

Thank you also to the media that came out to tell the story. If you haven’t yet, check out the coverage:



FOX 40

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