We #LoveTheParkway. We Want You to Show How You Do Too

The American River Parkway is more than just another park. It’s everyone’s backyard. Stretching 23 miles from the Sacramento River to Hazel Avenue, the Parkway allows everyone to connect with nature without leaving the urban core. It’s the home to a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna, is made up of diverse habitats and provides multiple opportunities for recreation. There is no other park like it in the country. The American River Parkway Foundation launched the #LoveTheParkway Campaign to engage the community in the stewardship of this precious resource and encourage the community to get out and explore the Parkway. We will integrate the messaging into everything we do, including; social media, newsletter communications, education on trail etiquette, programs, advocacy and merchandise. This is a great opportunity for you to show your love for the Parkway as well.   We Want You to Get Involved Use #LoveTheParkway and follow us on social media. Whenever you post about the Parkway on social media, include #LoveTheParkway. We love to see how you’re using this resource and what it means to you. This will spread the love to the rest of the Sacramento community. Make sure you’re also following us on social media. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share your stories about the Parkway. We want to collect stories from different users about their experiences on the Parkway and find out what the Parkway means to them. These stories will be shared on social media and in our newsletter. Share stories by posting on social media using #LoveTheParkway or by emailing them to info@arpf.org. Use these prompts to help develop your story: I love the Parkway because… The Parkway is special to me because… My favorite thing to do on the Parkway is… My favorite memory from the Parkway is… Donate to the American River Parkway Foundation. We will hold mini fundraising drives throughout the campaign that you can participate in. Keep an eye on social media for updates. If you don’t want to wait for a drive, you can donate online by clicking the donate button on the top of this web page. Donations support conservation of the Parkway through our programs. Buy our merchandise. We have t-shirts, mugs, hats and more for sale. Keep an eye on our channels for the latest. You can also click Shop in the top menu to see what other gear we have for you. We appreciate the love the Sacramento region has for this urban jewel and are committed to its stewardship. We look forward to demonstrating that promise through this campaign. Want more details about the #LoveTheParkway campaign? See the press release.   Stories Diana and Dave Hansen My family raised me to love the American River Parkway! I knew when I met a fellow river rat, it was meant to be! We grew up separately enjoying the parkway in many different ways, but after 14 years together, we found that rafting is our happy time. We like to put in at… Continue reading We #LoveTheParkway. We Want You to Show How You Do Too

Volunteer Highlight: Sue Fossum

American River Parkway Foundation volunteer Sue Fossum

Long-time American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF) mile steward volunteer and avid equestrian Sue Fossum talks about her experience enjoying and giving back to the American River Parkway through the years.

Stories from the Parkway: “Isolation from Urban Complexity”

Thousands of people visit the Parkway each year to run, bike, paddle, and enjoy. We’d like to share a few of their stories with you. Our next story is from David Dawson – — It was before sunrise on a cold, calm November morning here in Sacramento; but I wasn’t at home. Home, where I arose in the dark to come to the river wasn’t far away; just about two miles from where I stood in the first light of dawn. It was only a short drive through suburban streets to get there with my kayak and camera. But then, with the American River at my feet, I saw nothing of the two million human beings who surrounded me in the Sacramento metropolitan area. I saw no streets, no cars, no buildings, and no lights. In his 1912 book “The Yosemite”, John Muir said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” And that’s what I sought, even so near to home: isolation from urban complexity, the peacefulness and serenity, the beauty and the magic of the river and the wild creatures who live within, beside and above it. It was an auspicious arrival at riverside where I launched the kayak, because it was a “twelve rabbit morning”. No fewer than a dozen jackrabbits scampered away in the headlights as I approached the river. Then, through grey mist rising, there were dimly to be seen only the gravel bar on which I stood, the river, the trees and foliage, and the emerging dawn twilight rising in the east. I launched the kayak in a quiet backwater and settled in with my camera, and even though I wasn’t going fishing, I felt the same kind of excitement, of hope, of opportunity that I felt long ago as a kid on the first day of trout season. I thought now in this 76th year of my existence, “What is it, what extraordinary thing, will I be amazed by on this day?” The kayak moved easily, gently into the current, and, as expected, I maneuvered to meet a friend, an exceptional wildlife photographer, who had launched from the other side of the river. Together we drifted wordlessly, silently downstream near the riverbank, as golden sunlight broke above the horizon and swept through the mist, low across the water. Ahead of us, emerging from the fog, a great blue heron stood tall, patient, mystical, on a log near the bank, framed by the river and the autumn colors of a tree behind. Our minds, our hearts, and our cameras captured that moment; and, no matter how many great blue herons we’d seen before, we both felt awe at the beauty of this creature in this setting. We drifted beyond the heron and went our separate ways. My friend headed downstream in search of river otters, and I moved quietly toward an inlet where two Canada geese, on… Continue reading Stories from the Parkway: “Isolation from Urban Complexity”

Stories from the Parkway: “Woof, woof!”

Thousands of people visit the Parkway each year to run, bike, paddle, and enjoy. We’d like to share a few of their stories with you. Our next story is from Sarah Madden – dog mom & founder of SacTownDogs _ What can I say about the American River Parkway? Well, I love it and so does my dog! From exploring its land and riverscapes since I was a little girl to now bringing my fur kid almost daily for a swim or walk, it feels like my personal sanctuary away from the hubbub of the city. I relish the times that I’m able to sneak away and enjoy a few hours with my pup along the Parkway, meeting new fur-iends and humans too. During the Dog Days of Summer, you’ll find me most evenings waterside at Sailor Bar with my Labrador, Lily. She loves having a cool place to play during the intense Sacramento heat and I’m always happy to dip my toes in too! The geese and ducks always join in on the fun, swimming alongside Lily, quacking happily. As we transition into fall, Lily’s best fur-iend Dexter will tag along for a walk along the river trails while I admire the color changes and enjoy the brisk autumn air. We’ll stop for a quick swim and linger into the evening so we can catch the sunset. It’s my favorite time of the year. There’s nothing like seeing a fall sunset glistening on the water with your best fur-iends! American River Parkway’s marked, well-maintained trails and roads ensure hours of exploring even during the cold months. The miles and miles of scenic beauty and abundant wildlife are a perfect way to stretch our human and puppy legs and get some of those winter crazies out! It’s our favorite way to spend a chilly morning or afternoon. When spring is in full bloom Dexter & I love to stop and smell the wildflowers, while Lily keeps an eye out for puddles. She can’t help but splash in every one along the way…typical lab! I always have my camera ready to capture the new life and beauty of the Parkway. If we’re lucky we’ll catch a glimpse of a doe and her fawns grazing in the tall green grass. With this year-round wonderland offering unlimited opportunities to stroll, explore and splash around with your pup, it’s no wonder Sacramento is listed as one of the top ten dog friendly cities in California. A few years back I started SacTownDogs, a community website & social network for dog owners to exchange useful information, local events, and places to explore in and around Sacramento. One of the questions we receive on a regular basis from our followers is “Where’s a good place to take my dog out?” American River Parkway is always one of our go-to answers. In fact, a picture of Lily at Sailor Bar was my inspiration for the SacTownDogs logo. The American River Parkway is an incredible asset to the… Continue reading Stories from the Parkway: “Woof, woof!”

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